Aurora Valentine is the younger sister of Vincent Valentine, she is a fifteen-year-old girl trapped in a seven-year-old body.


When Vincent was one of the Turks in Midgar, he had been watching over Aurora. One day, Vincent had not returned, and Aurora, only being a seven-year-old girl had traveled to ShinRa corporation to search for her brother. When she had arrived, she walked into the laboratory where Proffesor Hojo worked, he caught sight of her after Aurora had tripped and started crying. When she told Hojo that she was looking for her brother, he thought of it as an opportunity to continue his work. He left, telling Aurora a lie that he went to go look for him. She was then knocked out and experimented on, then put into a cryogenic sleep for eight years.

During the events of Dirge of Cerberus, Vincent found Aurora in a cryogenic sleep chamber that had opened early, realizing that he didn't want his sister to witness what he had become, he left her in an abandoned church, trying to keep the truth away from her.

Aurora holds a creature known as Anarchy, a destructive entity that destroys everything in sight, due to her small body, her real body can be seen in her Anarchy form.

Fun FactsEdit

  • Aurora speaks in the third person, making every I, me, and my in a sentence Aurora.
  • When designed many people thought that Aurora had no connection or similarity toward Vincent, however, when Aurora is angry, her face goes from an adorable look, to a dark state, where her face is similar to Vincent.
  • Aurora fights with a dagger and not a gun.
  • Aurora is bad with names, so she shortens them, certain ones however are shorter.
Cloud Strife: Mr. Cloud
Tifa Lockheart: Ms. Tifa
Yuffie Kisaragi: Yuff
Vincent Valetine: Vincent, Big Brother
Barret Wallece: Barry
Cid Highwind: Ciddy
Red XIII/Nanaki: Doggy
Aeris Gainsborough: Flower Lady
Cait Sith: Kitty
Any Chocobo: Birdy
Sephiroth: White Hair Man

References and CameosEdit

In Final Fantasy 8, Aurora appears as a secret boss, a child in a black cloak, known as Hooded Girl, however when she speaks, she speaks in the third person. Calling Squal "Squallie"

In Dissidia, Aurora is kind and sweet to her opponents before fighting, but if she's battling Kefka, or Sephiroth, she'll get angry, or shake in fear.

Some of Aurora's costumes in Dissidia are from references. The Hooded Girl costume is one of them, the other is the outfit from when she was experimented on, her dagger is hidden in her rabbit toy.


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